residential real estate services

A different kind of residential real estate services


A cutting-edge approach to selling your home

At SM Dodson, we take a genuinely unique and innovative approach to residential real estate services. Additionally, we aren’t your typical company that focuses strictly on hitting their numbers. We partner with you to see your residential project from listing to closing.

Our philosophy is that every homeowner deserves a white-glove approach to real estate. This is why SM Dodson ensures the residential service we offer is done with an unwavering focus on attention to detail. SM Dodson understands that your home deserves an innovative and personal touch, and we’re here to sell your home in no time at all.

Our residential real estate specialists are with you every step of the way from financing, construction, consulting, sales, permits, litigation, and so much more. We bring a luxury concierge-style approach to every client’s home we manage.

Discover the white glove difference of SM Dodson residential real estate services for your home today.


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